Website re-design and promotion strategy for non-profit organization


My role

UI/UX, Art Direction, Illustration

Teamed with graphic designer Wei-Ching Huang











Wei-Ching Huang


In New York, most of the agricultural produce are imported from California. However, there is no shortage of local farmers with amazing produce, yet they're having trouble promoting themselves. CADE is a non-profit organization created to tackle this issue, but needs a little push on the visual aspect.


Wei-Ching and I are helping them to create a more attractive website, accomplish better branding, and come up with a refined promotional strategy.

About CADE

For the past 25 years, CADE has been working with entrepreneurs to build a more viable food system.


The Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization.

Check them out at

Kicking Off

We interviewed Lauren and Kaitlyn from CADE to identify their needs. They want the brand image to be fresh, clear, and simple, however they don't have a clear visual of what direction they want. Meanwhile, they are trying to figure out a new promoting strategy.

Before we started, I collected a mood board based on the description and keywords they provided as the general image they want for CADE. 

Design Approach

Clearly, what we have now are steering away from the right direction. The first priority in the design phrase is to redefine the brand, including the brand color and logo.

The first priority in the design phrase is to redefine the brand, including the brand color and logo.

However, a pleasing logo and website do not solve all the problems. From here, we need to figure out how to let our target audience know about the brand and its goal.

In order to better promote local farmers and their produce to the general public and urge potential buyers to sign up on the site, we conducted a user research.


Now we face a second challenge: how can we make sure people read and keep promotional materials? It is no surprise that most people, perhaps including you, throw flyers into the trash bin without even taking a look. In our interview with 5 people, we came up with a list of factors that would motivate them to keep these materials:

Given these results, we decided to try two promotional solutions:

Educational brochure with comprehensive information. You can view the design here by graphic designer Wei-Ching

Flyers with recipes using seasonal ingredients, presented with visually pleasan graphic design and unique illustrations. Could include farmer's contact information so people interested in buying can directly contact the farmer to place orders.

Wei-Ching worked on LOGO and brochure design, while I was in charge of all the rest work, including UI/UX, art direction, and illustration.

Final Design

LOGO and Primary Color

Website Redesign

Monthly Flyers

In the back of each flyer, you can find the nutrition facts of that exact seasonal vege/meat, along with where and how you can order them.


Lauren and Kaitlyn loved our solution, as well as the CADE staff team. Flyers did came out and order rate of the farmers who were been featured in has raised by 8%. 

However due to technical issue, the website has not been published. 

The art direction of this project could still be improved, if given more time I would spent more time on art direction which is the strongest impression of what the client want to present to all New York residents.