Healthy Food + Drink store for Young Fitness Group

Branding / Product Design 

Package Design / Motion Graphics

3D Modeling

This new-concept store is focusing on selling healthy, clean, organic drinks and foods, facing to young fitness group, who goes to work out in a regular basis and cares about what they intake every time after work out, with a decent income and could afford the relatively high price of the gym and healthy food. Whole food line includes fresh juices, smoothies, proteins like shakes, cup food with high protein or protein bars, and salads. Concept behind this store is to gather all kinds of food fits everyone’s need. People don’t have to go different stores to find several different kinds of food or drink they want after the workout. With healthy, fresh and organic ingredients, people don’t have to worry about food quality. Planet friendly container materials and our unique re-use policy make our business less harmful to our world. (Maybe your money as well).

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