Product and concept  design for NYC workout enthusiasts


My role

Product design, 3D, branding, packaging

FIT+ is a store providing various healthy drinks and food for busy workout enthusiasts in one stop. With the store app, you can order anything at anytime,  either picking it up at a nearby store or having it shipped to your home. Say goodbye to long lines.


This is my personal project. As the sole designer, I conducted research and interviews, defined the brand visual identity, built the online ordering experience and mobile app, and created all 3D renderings.


Everyone in New York enjoys workout, but it is hard to find healthy and quick food right after, without delaying their upcoming schedule or taking in more calories than desired.

For most of New Yorkers, keeping up with the workout trend while still finding a way to fit their tight schedule is the order of the day. I often find myself worrying about what to eat after workout while not missing the next upcoming errand.
Opportunity Discovery

I asked ten people in different mainstream gyms to collect their weekly workout routine. Two of them don't have a regular workout routine. Among the eight people who have a workout schedule, four of them normally work out in the morning before work or school, two of them squeeze time during lunch break for workout, and the rest two work out in the evening. Most of them also have weekend group workout classes before brunch. All of them are struggling with the post-workout meal plan. In order to better understand the problem, I sorted out their schedule on the day when they work out.

From their journey I found that they are facing the following main problems:

  • Want to find healthy food easily, but sometimes fail to do so

  • Want to collect different food but have no time or energy to go to different stores

  • Don't want to cook after late-hour workout, but fail to find a healthy store which can make a delivery

  • Fail to find a healthy store within the range of their work place/school that can make a delivery

The reason why they need healthy food so badly is "not to ruin their workout result." To find out if healthy food or having food right after workout is necessary, I looked into some references - 

Eating after you exercise helps your muscles recover and to replace their glycogen stores. Therefore, you should eat a meal that contains both carbohydrates and protein within two hours after your exercise session if possible. 


Skipping post-workout refueling can leave you feeling tired and foggy, and can get in the way of recovery. "Some people will just feel fatigue, and some people can get disoriented from low blood sugar," Jennifer Beck, M.D., sports medicine specialist and pediatric orthopedist at UCLA, tells SELF.

The information above naturally leads us to a "Yes" answer. Some people might have time to prepare anything they need during the day, while others don't. It is a huge opportunity to help the rest who want to maintain a healthy life while still having time to focus on their work/study related tasks.

Overall, people are struggling with the fact that they can't find all they want in one place without the long wait or ruin their previous workout by eating food which are not healthy. My solution to solve this problem is - 

  • Create a food line with a variety of food and drinks with one-stop shopping experience

  • Define a new model for ordering

In order to know more about the current need and market opportunities, I conducted a research of popular "healthy" food stores and their products.

Domain Knowledge

It should be noted that the only shop fits almost all criteria without limitations - Liquiteria - only has two locations in Manhattan.


The rest of them are easy to find across the whole city, however, it's often the case that you either have to wait for a long time or you cannot find what you want in one store and have to visit another one as a result. Also none of them could deliver their products in the way you want.


More importantly, the core information - nutrition label - is not included for most of the food and drinks.

With an understanding of what the current market could provide, I then conducted in-depth interviews with 6 people from 3 different mainstream gym chains (2 people from each gym).

Based on the research of my target users, I refined my solution:

  • Create a new healthy drink and bite brand with an online ordering app. Users have the option to pick it up or have it delivered to your designated location (possible collaboration with Postmates or Grubhub)

  • The target audience is people of mid-level income or above with a full-time job, who workout on a regular basis and live in New York City

  • Provide full nutrition and ingredient information table


From what I've learnt, I created 2 personas to represent my target users to better understand the product value.

Visual Evaluation

Still struggling with your after workout meal plan?

Top Features

The FIT Plus is your energy collection of fresh ingredients, nutrition that support your daily calorie intake after workout with ease, or even delivered to your door. Planet friendly container materials and our unique re-use policy make our business less harmful to our world.

Re-useable Container

Sipping instead of gulping helps you protect your bladder while taking adequate water before and after workout 

Also available in plastic bottle if you forget to bring your own container 

A turnkey solution for staying healthy 

Fresh and sustainable. Re-useable containers for yours to keep. Bring your own bottle to get $3 off! 

Place your order via our APP

To combine the best of physical ordering experience with the emerging efficiencies of digital design, to create an incredible user experience at every customer touchpoint.

User task flow:

Quickly re-order your most-recent choices 

Have a passion for some same old things? We got you. Get what you always have with one simple click!

Add most popular items directly,

or explore what you might need from different categories 

Add our most popular food or drink in one click. Lots of other amazing stuffs from different categories are also waiting for you. Easy and simple.

Know what you want to know

You deserve to know what you take into your body. We are here to help. With ingredient introduction and nutrition facts, everything is under your control.

Never feel left out

We always keep you posted!


  • Amazing Visual

  • Bottle is designed in a way that might be hard to grab, and also hard to open due to the design of the cap.\

  • If the research is not helpful with the decision making process, then its data does not need to be included.

My Take
  • Find the pain point, and think how to solve that problem while gaining benefits from your corresponding solution

  • Data references help (a lot) 

  • Always get feedback after each round of brainstorming, because you may not find your blind spots.

If I have more time, I will continuously ​to expand my domain knowledge and create a smoother ordering task flow.